‘Here we are in the country with a mostly empty rainwater tank, a mostly full septic tank, a bunch of fruit trees with interesting spots, a pumpkin vine growing out of the compost and aiming to take over the world and a lively and lovely assortment of sometimes interchangeable children and animals.  And the thing is, I really don’t know what to do about any of it.’

Well, that was our situation when I began blogging here three years ago.  Then my husband was offered a job in Ireland and we decided that we had spent enough time being dragged through mud by sheep, cows and chickens in rural New Zealand and we should give something else a try.  Early in 2016 we re-homed (or ate) the animals, rented out our house and brought the children across the world to begin a completely different life.  We’re starting from scratch again and just as clueless, but at least the mostly empty rainwater tank is no longer a problem.

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  1. Jill's Scene says:

    Hi there, Bronwyn out me on to your blog. Your welcome page alone is enough to make me want to read more!

  2. Wina says:

    Melanie this is wonderful. So well written and humorous you really have a gift. Keep writing always I love it.

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