Too hot to be a sheep

IMG_20130316_163038One thing we have managed to pick up over the last year or two is that sheep should be shorn at New Year.  We had other things on our plate back then, and they didn’t seem to be that woolly, and they have shade, so we ignored them.  As the summer went on, however, we couldn’t ignore the fact that one still had a tail and this was attracting many, many flies.  The obvious thing to do is try the unskilled DIY method first so we caught it, tipped it over, sprayed it with flyspray and tried to give it a trim.  (The dirty wool, not the tail.  I’m not that into the DIY).  But really that wasn’t enough so we took the whole four of them up the road to our friendly local farmer who knows much more than us and – importantly – has a woolshed.  I say ‘we took’ as though it was easy, but although they look like barrels on legs sheep can move really really fast when they feel like it and they have a tonne of weight behind them.  Every time we attempt to do anything with the sheep we end up spending ages getting dragged around the paddock in full view of all the neighbours who probably look forward to the entertainment; it’s a public service we provide regularly. Anyhoo, they eventually made it and were thoroughly shorn and drenched.  Noah loved this whole process and frolicked happily in the wool.  Cassia watched with fascination from the distant safety of Daddy’s arms and was bemused by the whole concept of Daddy being able to tickle her face with wool fresh off the sheep’s back.  Best part was, the woolshed had this great breeze blowing through it and it was the coolest I’ve been in ages.  Even better for the sheep, of course, who can now finish the drought much better ventilated.

If anyone knows of a vehicle manufacturer that makes people-mover utes I'm all ears.

If anyone knows of a vehicle manufacturer that makes people-mover utes I’m all ears.

Cassia slightly suspicious of the newly-sheepless wool.

Cassia slightly suspicious of the newly-sheepless wool.

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