Cassia’s 5th birthday

Welcome to the photographic evidence of Cassia’s party, neatly displayed in any old order at all.

Click on any image to make it bigger.  You may be able to download pictures; if not and there are ones you want to keep just let me know the number (it shows at the top of the large image if you click on the original one) and I’ll email them to you.  These have been compressed so I can also email originals if you want.


DSC_0032_small DSC_0030_small DSC_0025_small DSC_0021_small IMG_0935

DSC_0067_small DSC_0058_small DSC_0057_small DSC_0045_small DSC_0044_small

DSC_0073_small DSC_0072_small DSC_0071_small DSC_0070_small DSC_0068_small

DSC_0092_small DSC_0089_small DSC_0082_small DSC_0077_small DSC_0074_small

DSC_0103_small DSC_0102_small DSC_0100_small DSC_0099_small DSC_0093_small

DSC_0111_small DSC_0110_small DSC_0108_small DSC_0107_small DSC_0106_small

DSC_0122_small DSC_0121_small DSC_0118_small DSC_0115_small DSC_0112_small

DSC_0138_small DSC_0137_small DSC_0130_small DSC_0125_small DSC_0123_small

DSC_0156_small DSC_0154_small DSC_0147_small DSC_0146_small DSC_0143_small

DSC_0168_small DSC_0167_small DSC_0165_small DSC_0164_small DSC_0163_small

DSC_0184_small DSC_0181_small DSC_0171_small DSC_0170_small DSC_0169_small

IMG_0962_small IMG_0958_small IMG_0945_small IMG_0935_small DSC_0190_small


Isn’t it amazing how some people manage to be in so many more photos than others (cough cough, Ruby Devaliant)?  They must be the ones doing the most interesting things.

Thank you to everyone who helped make such a wonderful occasion for Cassia!

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